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From 20th October to 12th November 2021, Victoria Square, Athens will host “We Apologize” - a new, in situ art installation by visual artist Adrian Paci.  

Victoria Square is one of the most contested and politically charged public spaces in Greece. It is a meeting point for many different communities that make up the neighborhood and is often associated with the debates around migration and refugees. “We apologize” does not take a specific stance on these debates, but instead it challenges us to rethink, look at each other, and find better ways to live together. It is addressed to all of us, regardless of our stance and our different needs, imposing no conclusions of its own on the public space, but rather acting as food for thought —as is generally the case with the works of Adrian Paci.

**Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that may arise from the presence of the installation in Victoria Square. We understand that even a small shift from our everyday itinerary and routine may be annoying, and we acknowledge the difficulty in coexisting with what is “new,” “other,” or “unknown” — qualities that may indeed challenge the things we take as a given in our everyday lives. 

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